Book, Cats, Life is Good..

…School may be stressful at some point for me even now that it’s almost a month away of my graduation. Some teacher tend to give students a lot of work for our final grade, while other gives us just a few. School just never stops stressing us out. The first thing I think about when I walk into Mr. Roitberg’s class for my first hour is still being in my comfy bed with my cat Charlotte by my side while reading a book.

I love going to another world with the main character as if she/he is me telling the whole world as I explore the new places I’ve never been before. I may be in the adventure of fighting a bad guy from space that may be trying to take over the world or in a middle of a love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire in the middle of a huge forest fighting for my affection. Books makes me forget where I am and what I am doing until I feel Charlotte biting my toes snapping me back to reality. I close my book grab Charlotte and think to myself, “Life is good.”


R.I.P Charlotte. Momma will always have you in her heart.



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