School Event and Book, Books, Books and more Books..

As I walked with my friends helping out for our after school event that was happening that night. I viewed my art work one last time and felt satisfied. I wonder what people would think about, not only my art work, but my friends and my classmates hard work as we set them up for the World Book Night. Not only were we having a art gallery in the middle of the hallway for parents and children to see, there were presentations from the hard work of the Animation Group, Culinary Arts Group, The Drama Group, The Leo Club, and The Book Club, and of course, why would I miss the best part about this event? FREE BOOKS and Holy Macaroni FREE FREAKEN FOOD!

11021252_388042864708926_6345418820571667557_n 10857818_356069997906213_5728240203925837253_n

Sorry, got a little carried away over here, but anyways I helped out the library too for my art teacher while she went to State Competition with my best friend. It felt good to help out and i got my own little booth for face painting, but nobody was interested. I only face painted a few people that were really curious about it and left their little faces with a big smile when they left. To be honest I am not a really good face painter but I am good in a canvas and in paper.

Afterward, I walked around and grabbed a few books and took a box of cupcakes and ended the day good. Now I have a of stuff to read for the whole summer. I got home and the first thing I did was crash into bed and a good night sleep.


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